How to Maintain Facebook Engagement in 5 Minutes | VIDEO | DiG
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How to Maintain Facebook Engagement in 5 Minutes – VIDEO

Maintaining Facebook engagement can be tricky. In this 5-minute video I go over some easy-to-follow steps to help keep your Facebook page audiences engaged.

Before Facebook launched as a public company, the reach of posts to Facebook pages was nearly one-hundred percent, but once Facebook went public, they had to begin generating revenue. They did this through an advertising model. The problem they faced was that businesses weren’t going to pay for advertising when people were seeing their posts on Facebook for free, so Facebook began to scale back reach.

Today, Facebook page reach averages around 5 percent. What do business owners do in response to this? It’s not all bad news.

How to Maintain Facebook Engagement in 5 minutes - video


1) Start to think about your Facebook page like a magazine. Magazines like Wired or Time have to have a mix of valuable information and advertising. The interesting information keeps people reading while the advertising keeps the lights on through incoming revenue. I suggest that you think about a ration of 1 to 4 or 1 to 5. One salesy post for every for or five posts of educational or entertaining material. Too salesy and people won’t pay attention; too soft and it won’t be worth your time to maintain your Facebook page.

2) Post often. I suggest that you begin by posting at least twice a week and scale up to once or twice per day.


Start to think like a magazine.

3) Once you begin to post regularly, watch your numbers. Facebook offers quite a bit of information through the analytics in their insights section. Those numbers will tell you what type of post and information your audience are interested in, and give them more of what they are interacting with.

I suggest you test multiple types of post and various types of subject matter, but make sure to keep it either educational or entertaining since most people are on Facebook at a time when they aren’t interested in too heavy of information. Think of what you would want to read while muting a commercial during the big game while lounging on the couch with the family.And please, stop just talking about self or your business. When you do, people tune out.

4) Those posts that are advertising for us are often less engaging and will likely not have as much reach as your other posts. I encourage you to spend $10-$20 to boost that post. I don’t encourage pages to pay to boost all posts because you won’t likely see a financial return if you pay to boost everything.

If you have any questions or comments, please let me know, and let me know how else I can help.