Cadillac’s Dare Greatly Campaign took my breath away the moment I saw it, and as someone who spends many hundreds of hours analyzing advertising, I assure you that doesn’t happen often. This campaign is all about image. This luxury brand knows it's a trendsetter, an incredibly difficult position to maintain, and they took a step forward with their Dare Greatly campaign by suggesting that success lies in the hands of those who take risks.

Can you package joy? Can you bottle an emotion? Coca-Cola wants us to think it already has.

I'm in love with Coca-Cola's newest campaign, Taste the Feeling, which shows "a diverse cross-section of people from around the world enjoying 'their' Coca-Cola in simple, everyday moments."
Good morning and thank you for having me. In 1991, a young boy the age of eleven woke to the sobs of his older sister who was just told that her best friend's younger brother had just hung himself in the family's garage. This nine-year-old boy couldn't understand

Last week, my wife had me take the Myers-Briggs personality test, and it turns out I am somewhere between an ENFP and an ENFJ. This apparently means that...