Marketing is the engine that grows your business.

Are you curious what your competition is doing online? Are you watching your competition move ahead of you in the market and no matter what you do, you are quickly becoming a commodity? Are you ready to try something new?


Welcome to the Digital Image Group

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What We Do



It’s all about being found


Just because a website exists doesn’t mean anyone can find it. We offer clear and strategic direction on how to improve and maintain your site’s rank in search results.


Get noticed today

Google Adwords changed the marketing game online.


Changed the marketing game



We apply this powerful marketing engine to your business, keep costs low and optimize for outstanding results, all at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing.


Start driving traffic today

Social media is relationship marketing.


Is relationship marketing



Wouldn’t it be nice if all of your customers told everyone they knew about you? Retargeting ads on social media keeps your business in front of all of your customer’s friends and family, or visitors to your website.

Stop missing out now

Stunning Website Design enhances the buying experience


Enhances the buying experience



If you haven’t updated your website in over two years, you are losing customers. Not maintaining your brand’s presence online is akin to trying to sell merchandise out of a storefront with smashed windows and broken doors.


Be bold

Local reputation management can make or break your business.


Can make or break your business


Consumers often do research about businesses and read reviews on sites like Yelp and Google before purchasing products and services. Don’t let negative reviews frame the conversation about your brand online.


Find out how you look online

Email marketing creates repeat business.


Creates repeat business



Email marketing has become the most successful form of advertising that has ever existed. We turn current customers into repeat buyers through tested email marketing strategies.



Be innovative

How We Do It


It all starts with strategy. There are a lot of ways to buy views and spend money. We focus on sustainable incremental growth over time.


We offer anything from two hours of one-on-one coaching to full day training sessions for entire teams. We’re flexible to what works best for you.


Sometimes the best results will come from us directly managing your marketing. This might be us updating your website, optimizing your Google Adwords, or managing ongoing accounts.

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We turn current customers into repeat buyers with the most successful form of marketing that has ever existed.

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