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Greg Daily, Founding Partner

Technology is changing so fast that keeping up with it is literally a full-time job for some of us. Having now been a part of that change for nearly a decade, I find it interesting that words are still at the heart of all of the online marketing we hear about and interact with on a daily basis. Keywords. Marketing messages. Product descriptions. Blog articles. Unique selling propositions. We are wordsmiths first and foremost, using whatever technology is necessary to promote our client’s message.


I learned to write in the newsrooms of print newspapers before the last of them went the way of the dinosaur. Soon after, I spent some time at a boutique agency trying to help shift their focus from traditional marketing toward digital, which is where I realized just how much we can track and measure with these tools. I was then asked by a university to take over their social media, internal communications, and digital marketing. I once again had to build the equivalent of a digital agency to manage the nearly 100 social media accounts, email marketing programs, and $1.8 million ad spend. I am very proud of the fact that when I arrived, the university’s admissions’ numbers were declining fast enough to cause layoffs. When I left, the university boasted the largest freshman class in the university’s 139-year history.


I had by this time worked with enough ad agencies to see many of them operating on a model that was, in my opinion, both out-of-date, and at the very least, not entirely transparent with their clients while often being downright fiendish.


I decided to launch out on my own and see if businesses would hire an agency that was fully transparent and focused more on producing results than spending client’s budgets. The smiling faces and success stories on our homepage are just a few of those results, and I am very optimistic about where we are going in 2018.


We are a friendly consulting firm that uses digital tools to help our clients generate the most revenue we possibly can. We are a team of experts who pool our unique skill sets together to affect the entire marketing ecosystem for our portfolio of clients. From honest and balanced advice to web design to SEO, messaging support, and many forms of direct marketing, such as email marketing and paid advertising. We use every tool we can to help you grow while using only those tools we believe will actually help.


When you hire us, you are not getting an overworked and underpaid intern at a mega-agency. You are engaging experts who will give your business custom-built, hands-on service.


I have intentionally not listed our office number on this site. Instead, the number at the bottom of this page will ring me directly. Every one of our clients has direct access to me at any time, and I feel that you should as well. I will also personally promise that you won’t be charged for anything that you can’t use, and I am even willing to sit down with you for a completely free conversation to answer any marketing questions that you have, which is becoming increasingly difficult as we take on more and more clients. So, don’t hesitate. Reach out today.


I look forward to meeting you,

Greg Daily

Founding Partner