Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

is relationship marketing

The average internet user now spends more than an hour a day on social media sites, often looking for brands on Facebook and Twitter before ever visiting their website, and there are two sides to social media:


The organic side of social media is best used for customer service and communication simply by being active and responsive to your audience in this highly-trafficked space.


Investing in social media advertising can produce finely-tuned results at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing. It’s not unheard of to see CPM below $2.00! And social media marketing adds additional value by providing a finely-tuned audience reach, conversion tracking, audience demographic research into who is interacting with your brand, competition analysis and so much more!

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Examples of Facebook and Instagram posts with incredible reach and engagement
Social media marketing gif showing how I might create a social media marketing advertisement on Facebook.

The Busiest Mall

In the World

Campaign management, A/B testing and oversight are just a few of the ways that we can help you lower your ad spend and find qualified leads.


Imagine having your brand in the busiest mall in the world for only pennies on the dollar. Isn’t it time you stopped missing out?

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Even though there are never any contracts with us, over 95% of our accounts have never looked anywhere else. Get started today, pay each month for the services you use and cancel anytime.


Sites like Facebook change things every 6-8 weeks, which keeps us on our toes for certain; however, as a Google Certified provider, we are kept updated to changes as they happen.


If you don’t generate traffic from the ads that we set up for you, we will refund your fees that month.

Relationship Focused

Our goal is to build long-term relationships with great businesses. This means that we don’t hard sell, push for products you don’t need nor hold anything back. With The Digital Image Group you get the very best from the very first day.