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Terms of Service

We’ll Try to Keep It Simple
Nobody likes complicated language so we will try to be as transparent as we can. We are trying to produce the best work that we can while protecting ourselves and our clients.

Proposals trump this TOS


  • You understand that payment of your invoice is acceptance of your proposal.
  • This terms of service covers all work produced by the Digital Image Group and its partners on its behalf unless otherwise stated in a proposal.

Who owns what


  • Content that we create for our clients that is not branded by the Digital Image Group is owned by our clients and is available for their use indefinitely. Examples of such content may include, but is not limited to: email templates, blog posts, social media posts, images, videos, landing pages, and paid advertising material.
  • Content branded by the Digital Image Group is our intellectual property and is owned by us. Examples of such content may include, but is not limited to: proposals, training material, process documents, and material found on our websites.
  • Client agrees to indemnify, release, discharge and hold harmless the Digital Image Group, its heirs, legal representatives, assigns, employees or any persons or corporations acting under permission or authority of the Digital Image Group and its partners from and against any liability or claims arising as a result of any work done related to this agreement.
  • You guarantee that you either own or have the right to use any media that you submit to us to publish on your behalf.

We can share what we create.


  • We reserve the right to share, display and discuss material that we have produced for clients in a marketing and promotional fashion unless stated otherwise in a signed nondisclosure agreement.

Cancel anytime


  • Unless stated otherwise in a proposal, there are no commitments and you can cancel our service at any time.



  • All payments received are nonrefundable. If you think you deserve a refund, contact us.
  • We reserve the right to discontinue service upon the fifth day after a lack of payment for recurring services.
  • We reserve the right to discontinue service. If we do, we will issue either a full or partial refund of fees paid for services that have not yet been delivered.

We will strive to lean towards common sense as often as possible. But, if you are ever unsure, just contact us and ask.

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