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Allow Me to Re-Introduce Myself: Rebranding Part 2

In the last post, we took a look at what rebranding is, why companies do it, and spun some tales of successful and unsuccessful rebrands.

But, like walking into Mordor, one does not simply rebrand. It takes quite a bit of planning and work.

Step One: Know Where You Are

The first step in knowing how to rebrand and what it will take is to know exactly how much you have to rebrand.

Obviously, there is a website, business cards, various collateral, and ads. But what about your customer service on-hold message? Or a logo on a partner’s website? Or coffee mugs and pens you give out to new employees? Have you considered your YouTube channel’s title card or name?

If you’re in the business of selling goods with your brand on it, that may go even further and you may have to take into account what your company may be putting out after the rebranding, but is currently being developed with the current brand in mind.

There’s probably a lot more there than you think.

Step Two: Diagnosis

The kneejerk reaction to a business problem may be to say “We’re not getting enough traction in our newsletter” or “We’re not turning a profit.”

Lost profit might be a symptom of a bigger problem. If you don’t get to what is the fundamental cause of the problem, your rebrand will not be as effective.

Consider the sneeze for a moment. While it might be caused by a cold or allergy, a sneeze is a symptom of a lot of issues as innocuous as looking at the sun for too long.

The point is that your business’ problem may not be as simple or common as a cold. It may be an unnoticed process in the business that you’ll have to be a regular Dr. House to find.

To diagnose what ails your business, start by getting feedback from your employees and your customers. With that information, you’ll be able to more directly and accurately diagnose pain points.

To reiterate the main point of this step: If the market doesn’t see that you’ve changed after the rebrand, the new brand will hit the ground hard.

Step Three: Set Goals

“Setting goals” doesn’t mean stating a reason for your rebranding as a whole. The goals you’re setting at this point involve making the rebranding process a machine that runs efficiently, in both a time and financial sense.

These short-term goals will allow you to lay out what needs to be done, when, and for roughly how much. The well-known business acronym is SMART. The goals should be Specific, Measurable, Action-oriented, Realistic, and Time specific.

Without short-term goals laid out for any large project, especially a rebrand, the rebrand may simply never happen.

Step Four: Organize

Anyone who has ever worked in a kitchen or has watched enough cooking shows probably knows the term “mise en place.” It’s a French term meaning “things in place,” and it’s how a restaurant kitchen runs effectively.

After you know what your goals are or, in kitchen terms, what order has come in, put all your materials in place so that they’re easily accessible throughout the project. This accessibility will largely depend on knowing who is doing what, when, and putting in lines of communication so the left-hand knows what the right hand will be doing.

Rebranding won’t be easy, and usually isn’t the smoothest thing a company will do in its lifetime, but if it’s done for the right reasons and with the right foundations in mind, it will relieve some of the growing pains that can come along with it.