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Facebook Business Page Template with Checklist

In a previous post, I showed you How to Create a Facebook Business Page – The Definitive Guide, and I included a template with image sizes. I want to take time now to explain the template more fully.

This will be a straightforward checklist of things that you can either fill out as we go along or use to gather what you need before you get started. If you like, you can download the checklist here:

Facebook Business Page Template Checklist

Facebook Business Page Template


Your profile image should be a square 180×180 pixel image, preferably either a .jpg or a .png. This will display on all of your page posts as well as any ads that you buy associated with your page.

STRATEGY: The best use of this is a simple logo since it will usually be seen at a very small size on mobile devices.


Your header image should be 851×315 pixels with no more than 20 percent of the image covered by words. You should note that the image will be slightly covered up by your profile image, so make sure to remember that when deciding on what image you want to use.

STRATEGY: I suggest you chose a bright, high-quality image that represents your page AND can be updated about every three months since this update often garners a large and positive reaction from your page followers.


This is a recent addition to Facebook and offers a specific call to action on your page. Call to action options currently include: Learn more, book now, call now, contact us, send message, use app, play game, shop now, sign up, watch video and send email. You can pay to promote this button and view insights. I’ve never found this button to be highly utilized since there are so many things to click on any given Facebook page.


This is your standard follow button for those who come to your page and want to continue to follow your business. Facebook only recently offered the option for followers to immediately see every post that a page publishes, however, I have not found that many people even know it exists, which means that even though it does, few followers use it.

STRATEGY: You will garner more page followers if you promote your page off of Facebook, either on your website or in your business locations.


Clicking this opens a chat window for any live chatting with friends or followers of your page.


This little button is where you can find the more advanced functions of your Facebook page, some of which I won’t go into now since they change nearly every week. Some of these functions include:

  • View as page visitor, which does what it suggests.
  • Add to (or remove from) favorites. This adds your page to the list of YOUR favorites on the left-hand side of your personal profile.
  • Create event. This is a function worth noting if your business regularly holds any type of function that your page followers may be interested in.
  • STRATEGY: You can pay to promote your events once you have created one on your page.
  • Invite friends. This will send out a “follow my page” notice to all of the people on your personal profile friends list.
  • Write a review. This allows people visiting your page to write a review of your business.
  • View insights. This function is duplicated in the button in item number

“STRATEGY: The format that I use for every Facebook post I ever publish is
information, image, call to action


These are the functions you will use more than any other.

  • Status: This is the Facebook post standard. Here you can publish text and links.
  • Photo/Video: Here you publish native photos, photo albums or upload videos. Videos uploaded directly to Facebook will auto play in the feed of your page followers. This is the best option.
  • Offer, Event+: Here is where you can create exclusive offers or promote events to your followers.
  • ‘Posting as’ dropdown: This option allows you to use Facebook as either your page or your personal account. Try liking and commenting on other Facebook pages, as your page, to increase awareness of your page amongst other businesses.

STRATEGY: The format that I use for every Facebook post I ever publish is: Information, Image, Call to action


This is where you fill in the long list of information that you can post about your business, such as your address, phone number and website.


Use this to come back to your page when viewing notifications and insights.


This is how people can contact you directly through your page.


This is your feed of any new interactions with your page. You should check this every day to make sure that you are quickly responding to engagement on your page.


I can spend an entire blog post about how to use this particular feature, which some people have already done, but suffice it to say, this is where you go to monitor the analytics of your page. Here you can quickly see what kind of engagement your page or posts are getting, what kind of actions people are taking on your page, when people are interacting with you and what your page demographics look like, to name just a few of the possible functions.


Use this tool as another way to publish or schedule posts. The functions found here are mostly a duplication of step 7.


This is where you go to tighten the nuts and bolts of your general page settings. Some hidden nuggets include:

  • Profanity filter
  • Who can publish to your page
  • Age restrictions
  • Where to go to merge your page with another like it
  • Download your page
  • Much more

STRATEGY: Take time to get to know these functions. There are some real nuggets hidden back here, like the ability to merge two Facebook pages while keeping the audiences of both.


There are better ways to promote your page, such as using the Facebook Business Manager tool, but if you need to promote your page quickly and don’t want to mess with complicated features, this is where you likely want to go.


These are tabs for your visitors to use and find out more about you.

  • Timeline: This view shows your visitors your page’s standard news feed.
  • About: This shows your visitors the information about your business that you populated in step 8.
  • Services: Here you can list your products and services so that your followers can quickly make a purchase.
  • Photos: Here is where your photo albums live.
  • More Tabs: Here is where you manage any additional tabs (apps) that you may install. Many services like Twitter and Instagram offer apps for Facebook, though the demand is decreasing.


Just as it sounds. A quick glance at how your page is currently performing. Deeper insights can be found in step 12.

While this may seem simple for some, others may see this as a daunting task. That is precisely why I launched my affordable marketing practice. I help businesses small and large (some quite large) sort out and simplify their Facebook pages and other digital marketing, and I have pricing options for just about everyone. Give me a call today, which is entirely free, and see how I can help you get your Facebook presence started on the right foot.