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Google Posts – New Feature to BOOST Local Visibility

What are Google Posts?


Google posts are small articles of 100 – 300 words that publish to your local Google business listing and show up with your business information when someone searches for your business online. They can also appear as small digital snippets, like electronic business cards, when some searches for you directly.

Google posts were first rolled out by Google during the last presidential election cycle. Google then rolled out posts to sports teams, museums and US movies. In March, Google decided to open up the snippet-sized feature to business owners with a Google My Business account.

How Do I Publish a Google Post?

  1. You need a Google My Business Account. If you don’t have one for your business yet, either click here or contact us for help.
  2. Login.
  3. There are two ways to find Google Posts on your Google business dashboard. Either click the stack icon in the top left corner and click ‘Posts’ or, if you are on your home dashboard, scroll down to the posts section directly beneath the Chat section.
  4. Click ‘Create Post.’
  5. Write a catchy headline and body content.
  6. Insert an image, which Google suggests should be a minimum of 720×720 pixels in size and either JPG or PNG. Sorry, no catchy GIFs. Google will also force the perspective of your image into a square, so it’s best to post a square image to begin with.
  7. You can click the ‘Preview’ button at the top right to check how it will look when published.
  8. You can also tell Google if this is an event or if you want to add a call to action button. TIP: If you are using this to promote an article, like the one you are reading, you can select a ‘Learn More’ button, publish your article to your website and drop in the link to the article before publishing your Google Post.
  9. Click ‘Preview’ again to double check your beautiful work.
  10. Click ‘Publish.’

Google Post Published to Google

NOTE: It’s important to know that Google posts only last seven days. These are intended to be short, easy to publish and temporary snippets of content.

3 Great Ways to Use Google Posts:

  1. Post a temporary discount.
  2. Announce an event.
  3. Highlight a product.

Google also offers some insight into what they feel goes into a successful Google Post.

Unsure how Google Posts will fit into you optimized sales funnel? Contact us today to discuss strategy and application for this new Google tool.