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Let’s Talk About Transparency

As some of you know, I’ve offered digital marketing services for some time but had not fully committed to a full-time practice until eight weeks ago, which was marked by the incorporation of the Digital Image Group.

Since that time, I’ve asked myself: Why? What do I think I have to offer that is any different than the next guy? What sets me apart? In business parlance, what is my USP – unique selling proposition?

“We are a part of a small but growing community of thought leaders who are looking to build authentic and transparent relationships online.

I feel like the marketing industry is going in a direction that is contrapposto to what clients, and ultimately consumers, are looking for.

I recently looked at the top eight fastest-growing content marketing agencies in the United States, and every single one of them is building software solutions for marketing, like some huge content factory churning out media for mass consumption. Think of it like the fast food industry of information.

Facebook is creating bots to respond to customers, IBM is building a customer service AI and groups like Twitter and Microsoft have tried and failed and tried again to let a machine interact with their customers, though they are learning.


I believe in old-fashioned words like “quality”, “authenticity” and “trust.” Does this mean the Digital Image Group may never become a unicorn and hit $1 Billion? Who knows.

What it does mean is that we are a part of a small but growing community of thought leaders who are looking to build authentic and transparent relationships online.

You read that right: Real people helping other real people.

For us, it all started over a cup of coffee in a little cafe in Golden, Colorado, and many cups of coffee later, we are growing.

The trend in quality over quantity is happening in music, food, art and I believe relationships – especially online, and we are thrilled to be a part of it.

So, what is our USP?

We are committed to real relationships with real people.

This means that the very core of the Digital Image Group is building trust with our clients, potential clients and helping our clients build trust with their customers. I am very excited to say that the only way I know to do that is to be transparent. For example, if a business comes to me and asks for help in a particular area – say building a Facebook page – I can be honest with them and let them know that Facebook may not be the best fit for their needs.

I’m proud to say that for us at least, the days of the hard sell are over.

If we can help you build relationships with your customers in any way, contact us today.